was born

out of the passion and the 23-year freelance experience of its founding members.

Competence, creativity, flexibility

are the words that best describe our company, together with a strong focus on project planning and project management.
AR+ is an architecture and engineering firm specializing in integrated design. We plan and manage the design development process working closely with all parties, from the earliest stages of each project through to the final tests.
Our rich experience allows us to manage effectively the planning and implementation of each work phase, however complex it may be. We can therefore deliver high quality and faster implementations while keeping all costs under control.
Moreover, the structure and size of our firm guarantee maximum flexibility. Our service offering includes turnkey integrated design as well as smaller, highly specialized contributions to third party projects. The design team may include both internal and external resources, depending on project size and the specialist skills required.
All of this is possible thanks to a wide and well established network of professionals, as well as our commitment to teamwork.